Tie The Knot On A Budget With These Simple Steps

Even the thought of planning a wedding without a strict budget can seem like a mammoth task so add a tight budget into the mix and you can easily have yourself a bridezilla situation on your hands so it is important to know the little tips and tricks that will help you save so much money from being spent on your wedding.

If you’re somebody who is feeling overwhelmed but is determined to plan your own wedding on a budget, we are here to help. The information that we have listed below will definitely be a helpful step by step guide that you can use when you being the wedding planning process for your big day.

Pick The Venue

Ideally, the venue should be picked out first and foremost and it should be picked out at least an year prior to the wedding date but realistically, most couples will go forward with completing this task around eight or nine months prior to the wedding. However, we highly recommend going ahead with this task a year prior to the wedding so get your cash ready because you will be very soon making a payment for the dream venue that you always envisioned getting married in. If your budget does not allow you to really spend much on a venue, we highly suggest getting married in a friends backyard or in your family home by the beach. If the amount of people is the issue, you should consider having a more romantic and intimate ceremony with just the people you love.

The Suitable Attire

Everything from the brides dress to the grooms’ suit will be a highlight of the wedding ceremony so it is important to pay attention to these details and get them right so don’t put off making appointments with the tailors and the wedding hair stylist Gold Coast till two months from the wedding. If you want to look beautiful and you want your bridal party including your groom to look great, it is absolutely necessary to sort out everything from the dress fit ons, the professional wedding hair stylist appointments and nail appointments a few months prior to the wedding so that you can enjoy the pampering and relax knowing that everything is moving along according to schedule.

The Aftermath

Spending wisely on your wedding will also mean that you will most probably have money on your hands to cool off in the Bahamas by the beach with a martini in your hand once the whole wedding fiasco is done and over with.