Keratin Treatment, What Is It.

If you have a frizzy dry hair or you are fed up with your natural waves or curls then you have probably heard of keratin treatment to get a change in your look. Keratin treatment is used to smoother your hair and give them a shine. It is also used to give your hair a natural straight look. Not like the one you get in re-bonding treatment by which you get dead straight hair look and your hair look like plastic hair and take away your natural hair texture and shine. However, keratin also involves the use of many chemicals and involves heat procedures therefore the hair salon St Kilda not always recommend it to everyone. Because it can damage the hair also. If your hair is already very week or you have applied many styling especially different types of dyes then this treatment may not be very fruitful for you.

The terminologies are usually confused by many other similar terms. Re-bonding and Brazilian blowout are often confused with keratin treatments. Therefore, before going for any kind of treatment you must be careful about what you want and what you need.

Although keratin is a chemical name used in this treatment but keratin is not the only ingredient used in this treatment there are many other chemicals that are used along with it under the name of keratin and the fun fact is that the keratin is not even the hero for this treatment although treatment is named after it.

A keratin treatment is basically done to straighten the hair and to remove the frizz from your hair at least for 3 months. But the treatment must be done accurately in order to get the good results. If not done accurately the effects may wear off after some time. However the treatment used for just the smoothing of hair does not involve changing the hair texture to straight hair but just smoothers and silks your hair to add shine to these. this type of treatment usually last for over six months in general.

If you are told by someone that keratin is going to be organic and natural so this is certainly not the case. The keratin is a chemical and chemicals which are healthy or organic have no existence at all. Of course your hair is going to be under so much chemicals for this treatment that may have good or bad results. So you need to prepare yourself for that in advance.